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Horse Whispering Workshop

Horse Whispering Workshop

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Horse Whispering Workshop

Horse Whispering Workshop

Centre d'Equitacio Poni Club de Catalunya. Passeig Muntanya s/n (Can Vilà). Mapa ikusi



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49,00 €

Kid until 7 years

25,00 €

Young person (7-18 years old)

35,00 €

Prezio finala. Gestio gastuak barne.

Guztira 0,00 €


Join me for  an afternoon of personal discovery & learning through partnering with horses!

Through different activities, you will improve your understanding of the world of horses and connect with your favorite animals in a meaningful way.

Building a relationship with them will also allow you to understand how they see you: they will give you an immediate feedback about who you are. 

The experience will be composed of:

* A mindful moment within a herd of horses in the field

* Groundwork activities in the arena

* Discussions and moments to reflect about the experience

This workshop may be of interest for:

  • Animal & nature lovers looking to connect with horses in a unique and meaningful way,
  • Curious & mindful individuals who are interested in personal development experiences & in animal therapy
  • Horse enthusiasts who are currently taking riding lessons, and want to learn more about horses,
  • and new horse owners who want to learn more about how to connect with their horse.

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Iritzia balioztatuta2019/03/23 egunean joan zen
Le encanta mi hija
Site très sympa. Très bonne expérience